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Connecting Filemaker 11 and Pentaho's PDI 4

Question asked by tmlutas on Jul 23, 2011


Connecting Filemaker 11 and Pentaho's PDI 4


I am trying to get Filemaker Pro Advanced and Pentaho's ETL tool, PDI talking to each other. The tool of choice seems to be JDBC but while people have successfully gotten them talking in previous versions, how to get the two current versions talking is less well documented. I have set up Filemaker, installed the fmjdbc.jar file to /Library/Java/Extensions, and turned on ODBC/JDBC sharing. I've set up a user/password for the connection and told it to give the account full access.

Is this all that needs doing on the Filemaker side?

The PDI side isn't currently set to support Filemaker. The current suggestion seems to be to use the "Generic database" connection which is not yielding good results but it's unclear if it's because I've got PDI or filemaker misconfigured.