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Connecting FMP 11 data tables with MS SQL Server tables

Question asked by PatHutch on Mar 24, 2013


Connecting FMP 11 data tables with MS SQL Server tables


     I am new to FMP and to these forums but I have high hopes that I will get answers here.

     I have a FMP 11 database with some tables like employees, jobs etc. that has been our company's main database forever

     Now that we are developing apps and web-based applications we are now using a SQL Server 8 Database with these same tables.

     What I need to do, in real-time is get some of the information from the FMP tables to the SQL Server tables.

     For example if 8 new records get added to the employees table in FMP then I also need these same 8 records added to the SQL Server table.

     Basically we have always used FMP as our main database but now as we develop web applications we need to share this data with our SQL database.

     I have read about ESS and ODBC that can connect the two data sources and this seems promising.

     But I am looking for more of a step by step of how to do this.

     I understand SQL but I am working with our company's FM developer to do this as he has been working with the FM database for years.

     I am looking for an easy way to work with our FM developer to get this done.

     What the best resource available to us to get this task done?

     Other questions:

     Do you just make one ODBC connection to connect the 2 databases or a seperate connection for each data table that is being connected?

     Let me know.