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    Connecting Multiple Archives and using the Cloud



      Connecting Multiple Archives and using the Cloud


      I have a few different archives at the moment, and I was wondering what/how is the best way to connect them? I've read both about portals as well as relationships, but I am not sure which one would be best to use. I want the connection to be able to search all the databases for relating material if I requested it. 

      Also, how would I put something like this on the Cloud to be accessed by both PCs and Macs?


      Any Help is much appreciated :)

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          You'd need to describe these 'archives' in quite a bit more detail before we can answer that. What is the purpose of each archive? How would you need to interact with them? and many more details.

          You cannot put a fileMaker file on a "cloud server" and have it be accessible by multiple users, but you can produce the same functionality by either publishing your database to the web (permits users with web browser to access your database), or by hosting it with FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Server on a server that is configured to permit remote access (clients need a licensed copy of FileMaker Pro in order to access it).

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            The archives I am creating are in relation to the work of an artist. The first archive I have deals with the actual art he has made; photos, dates made, materials used ect. The second archive I have is of blueprints he has for the various art pieces he has designed. The last is a collection of articles that have been written on him; mentions of various pieces of art he has made and where it is, shows he has had, ect. 

            Does that help?

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              It's a start.

              I'd use these tables and relationships:


              Artist::__pkArtistID = Artworks::_fkArtistID
              Artist::__pkARtistID = BluePrints::_fkArtistID
              Artist::__pkARtistID = Articles::_fkArtistID

              On an artist layout, you can place portals to Artworks, BluePrints and/or Articles to view them or possibly just to list titles and a brief description with a button to take the user to a more detailed view.

              But this structure assumes that only one artist will be linked to any specific artwork, bluePrint and Article record. This is unlikely to be the case 100% of the time. You may need to insert join tables between the Artist table and each of these "archive" tables so that if two or more artists collaborate on a work, you can link them all to the same Artwork record. The same would be true of the other two tables--especially the articles table where one article could easily refer to more than one artist.

              You'll need to look over the data you have or plan to put in your archives to see if such "many to many" relationships are the case or not.