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Connecting multiple family members into one contact record

Question asked by DanielWiiki on Jun 27, 2012
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Connecting multiple family members into one contact record


As I am working on designing this contact db, I have another quandry. I want to be able to create family based records and create a directory from this based on families. However, I need to be able to have individual contact information (email and cell phones), as well as assign tags to individuals based on interests or involvement. 

So, for example: I have the Smith family (Dad, Mom & three kids), each with separate contact information, but all living in the same household. Lets say that Mom is on the Board of Directors, and child 2 plays softball, and child 3 is in band and the chess club, etc.  Then I have the Smith Sr. family that lives at the same address in the in-law apartment with a separate phone number, thus they should be listed as a separate family.  Anyway, its getting complicated -- any suggestions on making this simple :-)