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    Connecting Records



      Connecting Records


      I am running FMP-9 on a iMac (running snow leopard).

      I have a database of over 70,000 records.  Records are sorted by date and julian date.  I have created a layout when you insert a julian date and it gives you another date (for example, 1,000 days in the past).  I would like to tie records to the new date.  How do I do this?

      For clarity, today (7/20/2011) is 2,455,763.  I want to have the program show what date it is 1,000 days in the past.  In this case, it would be 10/23/2008).



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          DateField - 1000 will return a date 1000 days earlier.

          Get ( CurrentDate ) - 1000 will return a date 1000 days ago.

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            Thank you for your reply.  I can use the "current date" solution for another problem.

            However, I have the "date field - 1000" working.  I need to connect to the record associated with the "date - 1000".

            Once again, I apologize, my not have asked the question correctly.  I have a database of histroical events.  If I input today's date (julian date), I would like to see what event occurred 1000 days ago.  The "date - 1000" only brings up the new julian date.  How do I connect it to the event?

            Thank you again!  You have always been great help.


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              It depens on how you want to bring up that "past event" or events.

              You can establish a relationship your julian date field and the "-1000" calculation field:

              Table::JulianDate = Table 2::JulianLess1000

              Then you can add fields from Table 2 to your your layout or use a portal to Table 2. (Table 2 can be a different table or a 2nd occurrence of the same table and this will work.)

              You can also use that calculated value in a script to perform a find to bring up the records with this 1000 days ago date.