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    Connecting to Filemaker pro hosted database (from IPAD)



      Connecting to Filemaker pro hosted database (from IPAD)


      I am using FM 13, and have opened a database for sharing.  I set up a fixed IP with port forwarding.

      I can access this database fine from my wifi.  But, I need a remote connection.  I borrowed my neighbor's wifi to test, and I cannot see any files.


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          You will have to use your public ip address to access your database from an outside network.   You can go to a website such as www.ipchicken.com to get your public ip address.

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            Well, duh!  I knew this. That's why I got a fixed IP. That's not the problem.


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              A static ip does not mean it is a public ip address.  Static ip address means the ip address doesn't change for the device it is assigned to.   Static pubic ip address can be expensive.  Port forwarding is used to forward information from your router to a non public ip address on your local network.    You did not provide enough information about your setup.   If your ip address on your computer begins with 192.168.##.## then you have a non-public ip address.  You will setup port forwarding in your router to point to your computers ip address 192.168.##.##. The port filemaker recommends is port 5003.   Only one item at a time can use this port.  Your public ip address which will not begin with 192.168.##.##, which is the address you will have to use from outside your local network.    Usually your modem has an persistent public ip address assigned to it.  Persistent means it does not change regularly but can change, it changes when ever your provider wants to change it.   This address is the one that will be reported by a website like www.ipchicken.com  If you still have problems.   I will need more information. I would not post complete public ip address on this public forum because it would be a security risk, so post only that part of the ip address as I did above with the non public ip addresses.     When you turn on filemaker sharing what is the ip address reported?  Is this the same ip address you assigned to this computer?   Did you setup port forwarding to this ip address?  

              Also note that firewalls block ports so port 5003 will have to be open on your firewall.  You can check your port at http://www.canyouseeme.org/.

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                A service such as noip.com can solve the public ip issue. However you will still need to adjust port forwarding.

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                  my what is my ip checks out fine to the static IP I requested from my provider.  The IP that filemaker automatically selects when I enable sharing is of the local variety 192.168....But port 80 is not visible for the static IP.  I did set up port forwarding on 5003/

                  As I said before, when I am on my local wifi I can access the file using Filemaker GO from my IPAD. It uses an IP When I sign in with my IPAD to my neighbor's WIFI, I can't get any files to show.


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                    Rick, I don't understand what you mean by my fixed IP being the issue. Filemaker told me to ask for one from my ISP.  The ports all seemed blocked when I use canuseeme, however.  Even after disabling all virus protection and firewall...


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                      You are using port 5003, so port 80 does not matter.   Port forwarding has nothing to do with accessing your file from your local network, only access from an outside network.  Your problem is with setting up port forwarding correctly and or another service block the port.  

                      To setup port forwarding:

                      1.  You have to login to your router
                      2.  Go to the Port forwarding setting in your router and add new setting.
                      3.  Enter the ip address of your local computer
                      4.  Enter the port 5003.
                      5.  Save the setting to your router.

                      If you give me the brand and model number of your router I can download a manual from the internet so I can give you exact  steps to setup port forwarding.  Once port forwarding is setup correctly then the website www.canyouseeme.org will show nothing blocking the port 5003.   When you test your port  at the above website, your public ip address is automatically enter and it default to port 80, change to 5003.  80 is the default port for web hosting.    I have setup many networks for outside access, It's just a matter of getting all the steps, once you learn, it really easy. 


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                        One item I forgot, when you setup port forwarding on your router, select protocol TCP/UDP.  Again, if I know what type router I can give you exact steps.

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                          I set up port forwarding on both the Modem and the router. canyouseeme still shows the port as not being visible.

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                            Your Cable Modem may be a Modem with one ethernet port.
                            A single computer would be connected and forwarding would likely not be required.
                            Your Cable Modem may be a Modem | Router with mulltiple ethernet ports and maybe wireless.
                            It's IP address would be your static IP address and seen by the internet.  Could be one of many possible IP Addresses
                            Your local IP Addresses on your network will be 192.168.xx.xx or 10.0.xx.xx depending on Router Model.
                            Multiple computers attached would require port forwarding on the Modem | Router to direct the request to the FMP hosting computer.
                            If the Router is connected to the single port Modem, all requests to the Modem are sent to the Router where port forwarding would be needed.

                            Links to threads here about port forwarding

                            Specifics about the Modem Model, and Router Model would be helpful.

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                              Most Modem provided from internet providers these days are both router/modem and the port forwarding should only be do on this device, the other port forwarding disabled. You can have several routers on a network, which is the easies way to extend wireless connections in a large building.  Routers can have firewall installed on them also, which you should disable or allow port 5003.  Some firewalls on router are not configurable or very limited.

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                                Your statements about being able to access your file on a local network and not on outside network would rule out your setup not requiring port forwarding. This type setup would be accessed by the public ip address locally and publicly.   That would be why port forwarding is not required because it has a public ip on the server.   When you have only one public ip address you use port forwarding to forward request from the device with the public ip address to a device without a public ip address. You can use any port but it is recommended to use the port that the service has registered such as 5003 for filemaker. 



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                                  I'm glad so many people are coming to the for to help. Thanks!  I bought Portforward and have been experimenting with this. Strangely enough, PF says my port 5003 is open and available on the ISP assigned static IP.  That said, canyouseeme cannot. I also can't get Portforward to update the port forwarding for 5003. Pretty odd, eh?

                                  BTW, I have a Zyxel modem that has several ethernet ports, one of which goes directly to the pc I am running Filemaker on. The modem also references a Linksys router (through which I get VOIP).

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                                    I haven't used Portforward, but I assume by your statement that Portforward is stating that your isp does not block port 5003, which still means the problem is on your end and not with your isp.   I wouldn't trust a website to make modification to my router, because this would give them an open door to your network.  

                                    canyouseeme verifies that the port is open, which I can guess is not because it is not working. 

                                    No, I don't think it's odd that Portforward can not open your port because there are setting on your router to protect from this type of configuration, which is not very safe.  If Portforward can get to your router then so can any virus / spyware, they are all software.

                                    Here is a generic guide to your brand modem, on how to setup port forwarding. http://www.pcwintech.com/zyxel-generic-guide-1-all-models

                                    I would delete any setting referring to port 5003 under port forwarding on the Linksys router.

                                    If you still can't get the port open, then I would call a trust worthy computer networking business to set this up instead of using an online service you know nothing about.

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