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Connecting to remote files

Question asked by oseto317 on Nov 25, 2009
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Connecting to remote files


Here's the background on my issue.

Trying to connect to a remote file on a local network. 

Nothing is showing as favorites.


Inputting "fmnet:/<>/<filename.fp7>" returns the error:

"filename.fp7" could not be opened. Either the host is not available, or the file is not available on that host.

(I get the same error when using "Open Recent") 


Installed the 10.5 upgrade on the machine hosting the .fp7 files.

Was able to connect prior to the upgrade, which was the only change to the machine.


My machine:

FileMaker Pro 8.5v2

Mac OS 10.6.2 


Host machine:

FileMaker Server Admin 8.0v4 

Mac OS 10.5.8 


Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. My traffic manager is trying to get some quotes out today.


Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving.