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    Connecting two databases



      Connecting two databases


      Is their a way to connect to databases together. Here is what I am doing I built one database were I can input work orders for the day. Now I built another database were they tech's can log in do their time sheets closeouts and view newsletters. Is their a way to 1) When they log in individually see their own work orders only and 2) Actually when the work orders to show up here.

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          In Manage | Database | Relationships, you can add table occurrence boxes that link to tables in another file. Once you've done so, you can add layouts, portals etc that refer to this table just as though it were part of the same file. The only difference is that now this file will automatically open the linked file in a hidden window and changes to this file's name and/or location can break this connection until you enter Manage | External Data Sources.. and update the connection.

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            Now i make the connection does it mean that i create a ticket for a specific person only that person will be able to see that info?

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              It depends on how you have structured your data and what you want to do.


              Each record in a table that "belongs" to a given user could have their account name logged in a field, (Let's call it AccountName),  in that table. You can then use Manage | Security (Filemaker 11) or Manage | Accounts & Privileges ( older versions ) to limit a user's access to only those records where Get ( AccountName ) = Table::AccountName


              You can also write a script that runs when the file is opened to perform a find for only those records that are marked with the user's account name.


              You can also use a filtered portal to display just the records that belong to a specific user.


              If multiple users can "own" the same record, then you need to use a more sophisticated approach, but this can be done as well.

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                Do u do freelance work? If so were can i get a hold of u?

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                  Click my forum name and send me a private message. I'll respond with more info and an email address if appropriate.