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Connecting two databases located on an external server

Question asked by precociousninja on Apr 13, 2010
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Connecting two databases located on an external server


Hello all,


I am using


- Filemaker Pro 10 Advanced

- Mac OS 10.5.8


I have two databases on an external server (that I have access to) and I am trying to connect the two databases. 


I want to be able to have a value set list that automatically changes when we add tour dates for the bands on our label.  The tour dates are changing regularly (being added) and I want them to automatically be added to a field that lists all the possible shows in a different database where we document all the press they receive about their shows.  That second database has the drop down menu with the value set as referenced before.


I have tried to use the file ->manage->external data sources dialog, but the file path examples given all seem to be for files on the local host.


The path I use to access my files on the database when I "Open Remote" is an IP looking something like this "" (that's not the IP, I was just giving an example).  Then it shows all the databases which have one word names like "tour" Anyhow, what should the file path connection look like if I use this function? Is this the correct function to use?


We are not using any sort of instant web publishing.


I would consider myself between a beginner-intermediate level user of filemaker. 


Thanks in advance for the help,