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      Connection Help


      I am new to Filemaker and not a computer programmer.  We have a company in which 7 employees all work from different locations (home offices).  We have Filemaker and have been sharing through Dropbox and that is not working.  can you tell me what I need to do the share the file over a network other than Filemaker Pro Server that we are not ready to invest that much money yet?

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          Filemaker Pro and FMP Advanced will allow 9 people with Filemaker to share a database at the same time (10 counting the host).

          The first copy of FMP to open the database will be hosting it.
          If all are on the same network, open Filemaker, choose "Open Remote" under the File Menu.
          If the hosting copy of Filemaker has "Sharing" under the File Menu turned on for that database, will be visible to the other computers on the network.
          Each copy of Filemaker will have to have a unique serial number.

          Troubleshooting FileMaker Network Sharing in FileMaker Pro
          Why am I unable to host my FileMaker database?      Updated: Sep 22, 2011

          > Sharing data > Sharing databases on a network > Sharing and hosting files > Opening files as the host

          Opening files as the host
          To host a file so other users can access it as clients:
          the file must be enabled for network sharing, as described in the next section
          you must be the first to open it
          If the file has associated lookups, related files, or uses external scripts, you must open and share those files as well.
          Note  Avoid hosting files that are located on a remote or networked volume. For optimal performance, the file you're hosting should be on the hard disk of your computer.

          > Sharing data > Publishing databases on the web

          Publishing databases on the web
          With FileMaker Pro, you can share your database with users in a web browser, allowing them to find, browse, and modify data.
          Use Instant Web Publishing to quickly and easily publish the layouts you design in FileMaker as web pages. Create layouts for FileMaker Pro users and web users, with the same design tools.
          Use FileMaker Pro scripting with web publishing to automate simple tasks, such as finding records, or automate more complex tasks using the “web-compatible” set of FileMaker script steps. See Creating scripts to automate tasks for more information.
          Use Accounts and Privileges to control the security of your database. See Protecting databases with accounts and privilege sets for more information.
          Instant Web Publishing is available from FileMaker Pro, which includes all the software you need to publish your database as web pages within a local network or intranet. With an internet connection (typically provided through an Internet Service Provider) and an IP address, you can publish to internet users on the World Wide Web.
          When hosted with FileMaker Pro, Instant Web Publishing can share files with up to five concurrent web users. For greater networking performance and capacity, use FileMaker Server Advanced, which supports Instant Web Publishing, Custom Web Publishing, and other sharing options.


          A Thread on this Forum about Remote Access Setup  - The Outcome Post

          It works - thanks very much, all of you.  I think it is an amazingly useful feature, much under-publicised.

          My summary of your collective wisdom is:

          - set the Host's router to forward traffic on Port 5003 to the Host computer's private IP address.
          - set it to forward TCP/UDP traffic (although after my first successful test I set it back to only forward TCP traffic and it still worked fine).
          - On the Host computer make sure that file-sharing is turned on, and an appropriate user group is allowed to share (ie: 'All users', or 'by privilege set'.)   Do not leave it as 'No users'.
          - On the client (remote) computer, choose 'File -> Open remote...', and from the 'Host' drop-down menu choose 'Favourites' and then 'Add' a Host.
          - Type in the public IP address of the Host's router in the dialogue box, and an appropriate name, if you want.  You do not have to append the Port Number.

          (This will always work if the router has been allocated a fixed public IP address.   It will work temporarily for a dynamic IP address for as long as that address remains allocated to that router's connection.  To have the same effect as a fixed IP address (and a sort-of English 'domain name' instead) use a service such as DynDNS.org to forward a fixed URL name to the dynamically-addressed router.)

          -  You can leave the radio button selected to 'Show All files' and when you click 'OK' you will see all the FM files hosted at that IP address.
          - If you want to limit it down to only see certain ones, then type their name (without the '.fp-' file extension).
          - Select the Host in the left-hand pane (and the file, if offered, in the right-hand pane), and connect.
          - Sign in with your usual Account Name and password.


          A couple of issues have arisen:
          - I am not asked for my Account Name and password as soon as I type in the Host IP address, the way I am with the 'Knitting' database.  I am asked whenever I eventually proceed through to log on, of course.  I just don't understand why there would be a difference.
          - One of the file I logged on to had records with images in it, in container fields, inserted be 'Reference only'.  They show up perfectly when using the host, but only some (very few) show when using the remote client.  They show as 'Image DCF.xxx.jpg not found'.

          Both very minor points and maybe the subject for another thread after I've done some more testing.

          Thanks again to for all your help.