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Connection lost to FileMaker Server 10

Question asked by NathanVeitch on Nov 6, 2014


Connection lost to FileMaker Server 10


Hi there,

I have an annoying issue with a client of mine. They have FileMaker 10 Pro and Server and are based in 2 separate locations. The users all connect to FMS 10 via the FM Pro client yet the remote users will lose connection almost always just after 3pm and only be able to reconnect the next day. 

I created a launch file so that I could open the file without having to go to Open-->Remote and I was able to connect to the server from my office. Then i went via TeamViewer to my clients remote user and using the same launch file I was unable to make a connection. I then disabled the firewall and anti-virus and I saw the FM File appear in the Open-->Remote dialog window. I tried the launch file again and I was able to get the FM Login screen. I entered in the login details and just before the main window opened up I lost connection and the File had disappeared from the Open-->Remote dialog window.I then tried to access the system using the launch file from my machine only to find out that I could not connect either. 

This morning I tried the same procedure and I got the same result. I could connect from my machine remotely but i could not connect from the other remote user. I disabled the firewall on that users machine and I could make a connection to FMS10 but only for a minute or 2 and then the connection dropped. Once the connection dropped from my remote user I found that I was then unable to connect from my machine using the remote connection.

My clients IT support have informed us that everything is ok on their side, but I am sure there is an issue with the network where FMS10 is hosted. What can I do to try and trouble shoot this issue, or at least ask the IT support to have a look at? Port 5003 is open for both TCP and UDP on both my users remote machines and FMS10 machine. 

Another bit of info. My client is small so they only have one server in the office and even thou we have warned them against it, they are running AD, Exchange, File Sharing and all other Windows Server functions on the machine that they are running FMS10 on. They have had this setup since before we took them over as a client and are sticking to the call that it has always worked fine so they dont see the need to change.