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    Connection Speed For Remote Access



      Connection Speed For Remote Access


           Maybe I'm just telling the world what everyone has already established, but:

           We would have regularly accessed remote FM files (using Filemaker Client), usually with a pretty fast (by retail standards) internet connection both at the server and the remote client.  The experience has been oh-kay at best.  Very convenient to have it at all, but when you've been used to LAN speeds it can be very disappointing.

           I have just been able to test remote connection into a file that I use commonly inside the customer's LAN, so I know its (perceived) LAN speed performance as a comparison.  The remote connection experience was almost as good.  To be honest it may even have been as good - if I hadn't already known that I was connected remotely I may not have noticed.

           The 'server' end is actually FM Client version 11, the hardware a basic Lenovo Think Windows 7 workstation.  There were 9 other connected users (although I'm not suggesting they were all hitting it with heavy traffic).  Although the usual connections speeds would be maybe 20Mbps download / 1 Mbps upload at both ends, we have just changed the customer's connection to a 10Mbps/10Mbps link.  I was connected with 20Mbps / 1.8Mbps at this remote end.

           I have to conclude, with some excitement and pending further tests, that the 10Mbps upload speed is the single contributor to transforming the user experience.