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Conrainer Question

Question asked by applelakshan1 on Jan 25, 2011
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Conrainer Question


Hi guys

I am Developing FM Solution Which has feture to link external files, (doc. .pdf). Basically the idea is link customer relevent file in to this. So when you  open file maker and you  can Quickley view this customer relevent documents. To open this files i use Apple Script (part of the filemaker script)

* Now  what we planing to host this Database on filemaker server. now its no more linking inside the Computer.  now it should act like online file center.i use filemaker client 11/10

my idea, lets say customer X, i go to customer X, and create new file  related to customer X , and link one file in to the Filemaker. So this linked file should upload  to the Server. But it shouldnt go inside to Filemaker because incase filemaker db will be huge in cupple of months. 

I have 2 Ideas

01 is while i create customer related record in to this (My Server is Mac) Apple Script running and Create the Folder related to customer ID and, after that i can upload the Documents in to That Folder through Filemaker Pro Container. bacaically i uploaded Files using Filemaker , But it will Store in the Folder which created using Apple Script.


02. Create and Link mysql database in to current solution and store relevent data on mysql database. 

to be honest the 2nd method looks  more practical for me . I downloaded mysql connecter and xammp i managed to configure mysql connecter using ODBC manager. But when i try with Filemaker Pro i am getting error message. i have attached the screen shot . But still i dont know im doing write thing or wrong . can some body advice me regardign this.

another question

for the moment because i am developing this, i use my mac mini to host my filemaker solution. if i managed to link this mysql database with filemaker can i use it this database from another mac without setup the ODBC manager ?

or will it autopmatically apply if i transfer this in to my server ?

Thanks for reading long post. thanks in advance for your kind tips

please put me in right  track.