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Consecutive Dates in Portal

Question asked by KevinForte on Nov 18, 2010
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Consecutive Dates in Portal


We have 2 tables:



On the TEAM form we have a portal that displays the Schedule for that TEAM. Since each TEAM can be located in a HOMETEAMID field or an AWAYTEAMID field, we followed PhilModJunk's suggestion by filtering the recordset in his option 2 using FMP11.

I would like to have 2 calculations on this portal, neither of which I have figured out.

1. Create a column that indicates if the TEAM in the selected record won the game based on 2 data input values of the scores in the GAMES table. The problem I am facing is that this calculation is going to show exact opposite values for the same GAME depending on which teams filemaker record is being viewed.  How do I calculate a portal entry field based on the master records value?

2. The second column I am trying to identify when the TEAM has BACK-to-BACK GAMES based on the date field.  The field should be blank on the portal record if the previous portal record was not the previous day and a static value of "YES" or "B2B" if they did play the previous day.

Thanks for any suggestions.