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Considering Filemaker for my business

Question asked by bluetone78 on Nov 5, 2009
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Considering Filemaker for my business



   I have a tutoring business here in LA and up until now have been using MacFreelance to keep track of my billable hours.  As my business grows, I find that I need something a bit more robust.  I'm considering Filemaker.  A couple of things that I would need it to do:

1.  Keep track of my employees hours.  For example if a tutor works 1 hour for a client, I would need something that would file that under one payable hour for that tutor and one billable hour for the client.  It would be great it I only had to input that info once, when a tutor sends me his/her hours.  Would FIlemaker be able to automatically do that?


2.  I have quiet a large client mailing list.  Right now, it's sorted under the students name.  RIght now, I have all these addresses in an Excel file, which I use to make mailing labels when it comes time to do a mailing. Due to the fact that some kids have parents living at two seperate addresses, some students have two addresses in their file. This means that those students have two "entries"(rows) in the Excel file, one for each parent.  It would be great if I could set up a database so that there was room for two addresses - which should be simple enough.  What I'm wondering is if there's a way to sort it out so that when it comes time to print address label, Filemaker will automatically print two labels for people with two addresses, and one label for people with one address *without* leaving a blank space where the label of their second address would go, if they had one.  Does that make any sense?


Thanks - I know these are kind of weirdly specific questions.  Hope I'm posting them in the right place.