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Consolidation (Help)

Question asked by WillRetherford on Mar 19, 2013
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Consolidation (Help)


     I am still freshly new at FM and am in need of assistance.

     I currently have several fields for different categories. Right now, Crew 1 on Monday for Mowing jobs has their own table, as well as Crew 2 Monday for mowing. As you put together I have several tables for different days, crews, and jobs.

     My question would be, what is the easiest way to consolidate everything into one tabel? I want tohave a page where they select their day, job, and crew on drop down fields and hit submit, and then it takes them to their specific jobs for the day,crew, and job they selected. My problem is, I dont know how to filter to the next page through the selection of fields thats on the same tabel.

     Does this make sense? 

     Does anyone have a solution for me?