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Constant Feezing / Clocking [Mac OS]

Question asked by enyko on Mar 1, 2010
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Constant Feezing / Clocking [Mac OS]


This has happened a few time here and there but is happening a lot today. There are only the the two of us in the office and we are using our FMP database via 'Main' and 'Remote Client'. The 'Main' computer keeps freezing while performing normal functions and we have to force-quit. Fortunately, it never seems to lose our work. The first few times this froze was when we tried to "Save as PDF" on the 'Main' computer. This most recent freeze occurred when the user on the 'Main' computer was changing layouts.


My question is, could this have anything to do with the fact we are using the 'Main' and 'Remote Client' setup in our office? If we recall, it seems that this may be happening only when we both have the file open this way. Not 100% sure but that may be true.


Any other thoughts would be appreciated. Again, this is only happening to the 'Main' computer.