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Constant print crashes with Filemaker 9.0.3

Question asked by kerryd on Aug 25, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2009 by TSGal


Constant print crashes with Filemaker 9.0.3


I haven't used my Filemaker in ages and honestly I rarely ever printed (can't remember the last time). However, I went to print a blank records input form as I want to use this for clients to tick off answers to questions and everytime I hit print, eventually the spinning wheel comes up and the program crashes. Once though, it started printing but printing all my records that were filled in and I didn't want it to do this.


Does anyone have any idea why print causes Filemaker to crash. I did see an article on print crashing under say 9.0.1 and supposedly an update would fix this. I've updated to the most current of Filemaker yet I get these crashes.


I actually know that when I had v7 running under Rosetta printing wasn't an issue as back then I was using Filemaker frequently and printing occasionally.