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    Constant Value in Conditional Value List



      Constant Value in Conditional Value List



           I have a Conditional Value List showing MonthYear determined by Date fields in my records.
           i.e.   November 2013
                   October 2013.

           I'd like to have Show All as an option at the bottom of this list.

           Any suggestions as to the best way to accomplish this?


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               Set up your value list to refer to a text field or a calculation field that returns text. It has to be text to include the "show All" option.

               Assuming that you have a calculation that returns text to produce the values in your example, modify it to be this:

               List ( MonthName ( DateField ) & " " & Year ( DateField ) ; "-Show All-" )

               This will cause the text -Show All- to appear as the first value in your value list as long as there is always at least one record in your table of values supplying values to the value list.