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Constituent historical contribution history export

Question asked by JoshuaLeach on May 24, 2013
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Constituent historical contribution history export


     I am working for an organization that transitioned from FileMaker to an alternate database about a year ago.  We would like to migrate all contribution history for each constituent record between 2007 - present.  The vendor for the database was able to migrate all of the consituent records from Filemaker to the new database, but the records only included one line (one contribution; whatever the last gift prior to the migration was) of giving.  I have been assigned the task of finding the fix get migrate the additional contribution history data for each constiuent record in a time effective manner.  I have run several 'test' exports from FileMaker, but still only end up with 1 line of donor contribution history for each constituent.  Is there a way to transition a range of donor contributions per constituent to an export file? Also, is there a feature to include column headers in an export document?  Any guidance or advice would be appreciated!


     Thank you.