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Constrain Found Set

Question asked by DLW-BPEX on Nov 19, 2009
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Constrain Found Set


Possible to perform this operation programmatically? e.g., with a script that includes a variable?

I understand about typing in constraints, and referencing a saved find, but...


Our situation is this:


Solution is a project-oriented database set up to service multiple SBU's, plants, subsidiaries, etc. So the entire database consists of projects for all business units together.


Most of the time a user will want to confine db operations to the set of projects particular to a business unit (which is not defined ahead of time -- it is its own table). No problem there. But on occasion the user will want to look at all projects together. Then later, focus back on a business unit again. We would like to be able to present the user with a Value List of the business units created so s/he can select the project set, allowing record navigation, FIND operations, etc. to be restricted to that one business unit.


Basically it is a solution of separate but parallel business unit databases, with the need for them to be aggregated and then separated again as desired.


I'm sure I am overlooking something obvious (I hope).

Thank you.