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Constrain Found Set with Variable

Question asked by bterrell721 on Dec 4, 2013
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Constrain Found Set with Variable


     I feel silly for having to post this because it must be something obvious I am doing wrong, but I cannot get Constrain Found Set to work for me.  I have a simple table of records containing PDF files in container fields, a text field describing what type of file it is, and a number ID field linking them to the client they belong with on another table.  I have a list-view layout for displaying them, and I am simply building a drop-down filter to choose which file types to show.  It is a value list containing each file type that triggers a script when it is changed passing in a parameter of itself (set to $Type variable at the beginning of the script), which simply shows all records, then does a find on the desired Client ID, then should do a constrain found set on the File Type field based on the $Type variable.  Every time I do this it returns 0 found records, even when I am clearly staring at records that exist. If I do a manual Constrain Found Set with the type I want it finds them perfectly, and when I physically write out a specific type in the Constrain script step it finds those records just fine, but when I try to use either $Type or Get ( ScriptParameter ) or even just the field itself, it always returns 0 found records.  Thank you for the help on what I am sure must be an obvious mistake!