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    Constrain portal contents to found set..



      Constrain portal contents to found set..




           I've made a database that is basically a rolodex with some checkbox options.

           The main detail layout has all contact info and checkboxes.

           The list layout has the same contact info but just the most important fields at the top. Below is a portal that lists all contacts.

           When you do a search in the detail layout I want the portal in the list layout to reflect the found set. Is that possible?


           FM 12 Mac

           There is a duplicate of the contact table linked to it's original for the list portal. The portal list is currently searchable using a search field and a portal filter :

           Left ( ROLODEX 2::Listing Name ; Length ( ROLODEX::search ) ) = ROLODEX::search or Left


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               What kind of criteria are you specifying for your find?

               Your portal filter expression ends in "or Left", which suggests that you have not posted the complete filter expression.

               If the user specifies find criteria in global fields, for a script to use in performing a find, it may be possible to include those fields as part of the portal filter expression.

               On the other hand, a list view layout would list your found set without any need for a portal to list the same records.