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Constrained finds using different layouts

Question asked by aikiko on Mar 30, 2011
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Constrained finds using different layouts


Dear All,

I am a newbie and have a tricky 3 "stage" find question

I have 2 layouts: layout A which is a census and layout B which is a detailed household survey. These 2 layouts represent different tables which are linked by ID numbers of individuals.

I search for the number of "women"in layout A.

Out of these "women" in layout A, I want to find how many children does this woman live with. This listing of children is in layout B. nb: the mother is linked to the child via a "household number".

Then I want to find the list of all these "children".

I can do a constrained find, but only in the same layout, but not when I change layouts.

Any assistance will be of tremendous help for my health survey.

Thank you very much in advance.


FMP 10Adv