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Constraining  a find

Question asked by MonicaS. on Mar 16, 2010
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Constraining  a find




I have a pretty simple request, but I need help with the script syntax.


On my main form (called "Projects"), I have a field called Project Type that is populated with a drop-down list. Two of the choices on the drop-down list are "Residential Mixed Use" and "Non-Residential Mixed Use". The problem is this: when users go to do a search for Residential Mixed Use, they get all the Non-Residential Mixed Use records, too. There must be a way to control for this.


I'm thinking that the answer lies in writing a script for the Project Type field that runs on OnObjectEnter in Find mode only. Is that right? And I'm thinking that the script should probably include an If line, and a Contrain Found Set line? or maybe an Omit Multiple Records line? Am I on the right track? A little syntax help would be greatly appreciated.


I'm using FM10.


Thanks, Monica