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Constraining Found Set Issue

Question asked by cmjones on Jan 8, 2009
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Constraining Found Set Issue


OK, so, we have built an interactive mock exam database for our customers and I'm working on developing a custom search feature so that they can locate specific records. Then I allow them to narrow their search by constraining the found set with another search. All this is no problem.


I don't want them to view the layout in Find Mode, so I have Set Error Capture (On) so that they can't click Modify Find if their search returns no results, thereby placing them in Find Mode, which screws up the user interface, i.e., some images aren't displayed in Find Mode because of certain requirements I don't need to go into here. If their search returns no results, I have a message pop up telling them this and then the screen returns to Browse Mode in the proper layout.


The problem is: since there are 0 records found, there are no records to display in Browse Mode unless I add a Show All Records step in my script, which I don't want because the idea is to constrain the current found set, not start all over again.


Is there a way to revert to the previous found set if the constrain command returns 0? Let me know if anyone needs to see my script.


Thank you!