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Constraining Related Records

Question asked by GaryJohansen on Mar 7, 2014
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Constraining Related Records


     I just got Filemaker Pro 13 Adv.  

     I’ve created a layout showing customer information, the customer ID is used to create a relation to invoices. Invoices are kept in a current invoice file (for the current year) and archive file.

     What I’m trying to do is run a report that gives me YTD sales total and transaction counts by customer, all previous sales total and transaction counts (no problem so far) but also the counts and totals for a date range of the previous year. This way they can look at this years YTD and compare it to last years YTD for each customer.

     My problem is as I loop through the file I copy the current YTD and total Archive data into the appropriate fields, and after the total Archive data is copied into the report I want to constrain the related Archive records using the Archive invoice date as a range.

     Ideally I'd like to use a Custom Dialog Box to accept the date range into a global the beginning of the routine.

     Any suggestions?

     Thanx in advance.