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    constraint issue



      constraint issue


      I have a database with two fields that have a contraint on them that will not allow anybody to edit the fields.

      The layout mode is also disabled in this database.

      How do I enable the layout mode, and how do I get past the constraints to edit the field.


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          You need to be able to open the file with a full access password so that you can enter layout mode. The constraint may be set in Manage | Security as that is also a way to disallow edits on a given record or table.

          You also won't be able to enter layout mode if this is a Runtime solution.

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            I'm new to Filemaker Pro, so please bear with me.

            It doesn't ask me for a password when I open it, nor do I see a way to enter admin mode.

            I'm opening the file with FP 11 development.

            How do I know if it is a runtime solution, and if it is, how do I open it with the full version?



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              Your file may enter a password for you when you open the file. If you hold down the shift key (windows) or Option key ( Mac) while the file opens. This File Option can be disabled and the system will ask you for a password.

              To see if it's a runtime solution, see what "about" info is available when you pull down the help menu.

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                Thanks, I'm able to go to Layout Mode.

                I checked Manage Security and the login I used has full access.

                When I try to enter something into the field it give me a this field is not modifiable message.

                Then I get the option to revert the record.

                These are the only two fields in the table that I can't edit.

                One field is a radio button, the other is a pull down list.

                I've also used different layouts, but they don't allow me to edit either.

                How do I get it to let me edit these fields?


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                  Look up the fields in Manage | Database | Fields

                  Either they are fields of type calculation or the "Prohibit modification" field option was selected for them.