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Constructing various length text based on values

Question asked by Mitch on Feb 24, 2013
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Constructing various length text based on values


     Hi All,

     Not sure if this one can actually be done.  But here goes...

     I am trying to contruct text within a field, that includes spaces that is based on values from a table.  The text can be any number of characters long.

     The number of characters us already determined, and stored in a variable.  Lets say $Characters = 4.  I then have a loop that will run and exit after 4 cycles.  A loop can determine the required value of each of the 4 characters.

     How do I get these characters to be placed in a field as text or a word, in order from 1 - 4.  Also, can it it work if the characters varialbe is set at 12, with 12 loop cycles, therfore 12 characters, or even change to 1 character?