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Contact DB, each person has a different website

Question asked by JDenault on Jun 12, 2009
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Contact DB, each person has a different website


So I am trying to get somewhat creative with my Contact DB, and I want to assign at least one if not 2 websites to each person (one professional, and one social if they happen to have one).  What I have is a main table where all contact info is listed (about 10 fields), lets call it Contact Table.  I have a second table occurance with a Cartesian Link (sp?) so I can use portals as well.


My portal is set up with just a first name, last name and company.  It is a button, you click on it and go to another layout with all the contact info using a tabbed window setup.  One of these tabs is where I want the individuals website to show up.


I have used webviewer before but only for wikipedia searches and google.  Both built in.  How can I have each persons website appear when their information is up?  What would the calculation be?  For sake of argument, lets say the table the website is stored on is "Contacts" and the field is "Website"


Thanks for any help