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    Contact Find Button



      Contact Find Button


      I have a database with 1 account layout and 3 seperate contacts layouts. The contact Layouts each have their own Contact First, Contact Last name fields. I am trying to make a button on the account page that the user can enter either the first name, last name, or both into a first and last name field(2 seperate fields). Then when the Find button is clicked it will search Contacts layout 1,2,and 3 and return all the contacts throughout those 3 layouts that match the search. Is this possible or no since they are different layouts?



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             You havent said what the layouts are based on.... Layouts are just a means to show the records in the underlying table occurrence.
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            The layouts are based on the account. Some accounts are "SEO" some are "Apexx" some are "Ruprich" so those are the 3 different contact layouts. The 3 different layouts indicate the different campaigns that are being called upon using the same database. The information captured in each campaign is different thats why there is 3 different layouts. I need to find just all the contact records no matter if they are SEO Apexx or Ruprich. I don't know if I will need to create portals, or a new layout or what to do this ???


            I dont know if that what you meant?

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              You are missing the point. The acutal layout names are meaningless to this discussion. What is important is the actual table occurrence (TO)  that those layouts are based off of.


              If all 3 are based on a Contacts TO, then you can do the search in any one of those layouts and get the same results back ( unless using some kind of script trigger to contrain )


              Therefore, if you had another layout that is based on Contacts, it will display the same info. You can use that layout to display the results.


              Furthermore, what TO is your accounts layout based off of? It is is not contacts, then you can use two global fields to capture the user entry of LName and FName. Then you would have a script as such.


              Go to Layout [ ContactAll ( Contacts ) ] // of any of the other 3 if you wish

              Enter Find Mode []

              Set Field [ FName; gFName ]

              Set Field [ LName; gLName ]

              Perform Find []


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                Ok maybe this is what you mean. All my TO are seperate. The 3 contact layouts are all there own sepearte TO and the account is its own TO. The contacts are related to the account. Is that what you mean?  Here one search, sorry I dont know how to copy the exact code.


                Set Var $ID1 = FName

                Set Var $ID2 = LName

                Go to layout : Apexx contact

                Enter find mode

                Set Field (First name: $ID1)

                Set Field (Last Name: $ID2)

                Perform Find


                This works for this one layout but I need this to work for all 3 at the same time. Sorry if I'm confusing or don't udnerstand what you saying I'm pretty new to all this.

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                  I strongly suggest you read this. It should help enlighten a lot of confusion.



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                       Thanks I'll read it this weekend and get back to you on Moday.