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      Contact list


      I'm using FileMaker Pro 12. I'm using one the "contacts" templates but added some more fields to it. When I go to the page with alphabetical list of all my contacts it's showing the contacts (first name, last name.) Instead, I want it to show as (last name, first name.) In addition, I added a custom field labeled "emergency contact." When I add a name there and go back out to the alphabetical list of contacts, the contact name changes to the name of the person I put in for "Emergency contact." What am I doing wrong?

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          If this is the layout named "Contacts", it uses the field named "Contact Name" to list contacts. This is a calculation field that should combine first and last names in the LastName, FirstName format you want. If it does not, you have either entered first and last names in the wrong fields or you have modified your design from the original design when you opened the file.

          When I add a name there and go back out to the alphabetical list of contacts, the contact name changes to the name of the person I put in for "Emergency contact." What am I doing wrong?

          It sounds like you entered layout mode and added a new edit box or copied one already on the alyout that refers to an existing contact name field instead of opening Manage | Database | Fields and creating a new field definition there.

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            Ok. So how do I fix it?

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              In FM you have to first create a field before you can enter data into to it, but as you have found out FM will allow you to place multiple instances of an existing field on the same layout.

              First since Contacts.fmp12 works in the list view like you want it to, rename your existing file and then create a new copy of the Contacts file.

              Second, in your new copy of Contacts go to File > Manage > Database. In the ensuing dialog select Fields and create a new field and name it as you like, say EMR Contact. Then go the the layout you want to put the EMR Contact field on, enter layout mode and place the field. 

              Third, import the data from the renamed file into your new file.

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                I'm sorry, but I don't understand the steps you are explaining. I'm brand new to this program. Any way you could list the exact steps in order e.g., step 1, step 2, step 3,.... Or even call me ?! Undecided I have to have this ready to use tomorrow is this is the last kink...

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                  Now when I'm in contact "list mode" I have the "Letter" of the last name down the center, but do not have the full "last name, first name" on the left or "Address" and "Phone Number" on the right. Help?

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                    The List layout shows the    

                    Last Name, First Name        Company      City, State          Phone Number

                    Unless you moved/changed some of the fields it should appear as above, the contact name is created by a calculation, the first letter in the divider is the result of a subsummary. They are merge fields, ie, for show you cannot enter data in them. Are you sure you entered data in the records for these fields? Are you now working on a new virgin copy of Contacts?

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                      I have very field in the layout filled with data. No, I'm not sure I'm on a virgin copy. Is there a way to copy all the new/additional fields I added into a new "contactcs layout?" I don't want to lose everything I've done by starting over. 

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                        Here is another snapshot link

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                          Oops, not sure that worked. Here it is again

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                            Here is the layout details snapshot

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                              You might select 'new from starter solution' to create a new original copy of your database. You can then open and examine it's layouts, etc to compare it to your working copy to see where things may be different. I also suggest that you invest some time and $$ in acquiring some training materials on FileMaker as they can help fill in the basic details on how to do this better than we can do via posts in this forum.

                              Your screen shots seem to show that you are correctly getting last name, first name so I don't see a problem there. The system uses a calculation field to combine first and last names in this format. If you want a different format, you'd either change the calculation defined for this field. (see manage | Database | fields) or you'd replace the fields with one that you define for the same purpose.

                              If you entered 1234 into a single field and now all the fields in your last screen shot that show 1234 automatically update to show the same 1234, then you have duplicated the same field over an over on this one layout instead of defining new fields--something best done in manage | database | fields. You can check this by entering layout mode and clicking the field. Then make note of what appears in the "display data from" box in the inspector's data tab. If you see the same text for each of these fields when you click it then your edit boxes on this layout have all been set to display data from the same field in the contacts table. You can double click them when in layout mode to bring up a dialog box where you can select a different field and table to link to a given edit box.