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    Contact Lists



      Contact Lists


      How do I create lists by filtering by Country or State? Can I filter out and create lists or emails by fields I created in contact layout?

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             You should be able to just do a simple find for a particular state or county...
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            I know how to do a simple filter of any kind of drop down menu such as state etc. I have not figured out how to filter out from a field if it's a checkbox menu.


            As for emailing, I haven't figured out how to filter out which contacts I want to send to. For example if I wanted to email all those in NY state. I can only go through each name individually and add it to the list. How about filtering out for an email with a checkbox menu as well?

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              Thank you for your post.


              If you want to send emails to all those in NY state, then pull down the View menu and select "Find Mode".  Go to your state field and enter "NY".  Press Return, and only those records where state is "NY" are displayed.


              If you want to filter by a checkbox field, then go into "Find Mode", enter a check in the checkbox field and press return.  This will find only those records that have the checkbox field checked.



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