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    Contact management



      Contact management


      I'm trying to evaluate FMPro, I believe I need to start a database from scratch and have set out by examining various elements of the templates provided to see how they are created and what options they give me.


      I'd ideally like to view a tutorial but the ones I've found seem to be based around importing data from excel or something similar. Am I missing something.


      One of the issues I've come across so far is that the template contact management does not display any text, either as part of the forms basic layout or any text entered into individual records. Is there something wrong with the template or something wrong at my end.

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          The Contact Management template definitely has text labels next to each field (First Name, Last Name, etc.). When you make a new record, you will be able to enter text into those fields and the text will be visible.


          If that's not the case for you, then something is wrong, possibly you have a corrupted font.


          Are you having the same problem with all the templates?


          As for tutorials, FileMaker's own training series is good, but a little pricey. You might like the Missing Manual book, or the FileMaker Bible.


          Have you gone through the tutorial included with FileMaker, in the "English Extras" folder?