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contact management question - Mac Contacts, CardScan and GMail (new user)?

Question asked by JonathanChertok on Mar 14, 2013
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contact management question - Mac Contacts, CardScan and GMail (new user)?


     hi all. greetings.

     i am a prospective new user of filemaker after havng completed a move to mac os from windows os for a small design and construction firm. this convertion has taken the better part of two years and i am now looking seriously at filemaker for the next steps.

     is this the correct place to ask about contact management?

     i find myself in a situation where i am managing my personal contacts in mac mail and i have my business contacts in a CardScan (.cdb) database. cardscan lets me scan business cards and exists as a database on one of my computers.

     Mac Contacts on the other hand will sync via iCloud. Mac Contacts is OK but i am not really pleased with the Previous Recipients (email addresses) functionality or lack of syncing/migration.

     in any event, i would really like to find a way to get /all/ my contacts to all my devices in a way that does not require a constant exporting and importing of files? i am envisioning something that i can see on my iphone, laptop, desktop and - not sure if i need this but - sync with Google Contacts.

     thanks in advance for any help and apologies if this is the wrong place for this post.


     - jon