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    Contact Manager in file maker pro



      Contact Manager in file maker pro


      Hi, I want to know about the contact manager in file maker pro and how the data are managed more secured through this contact manager?

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          FileMaker Pro is a database development program. While a Starter solution of that name is included with the product, it is provided as just one possible example of how a contact manager might be set up. There are a great many other contact managers also available and many developers create their own.

          Please explain in more detail what it is that you want to do and with what version of FileMaker. I can think of a number of different ways to make any given FileMaker Database file "more secure", but do not choose to guess what particular security concern you want assistance with in adding to a FileMaker file.

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            Link 2  The FileMaker Security Guide
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            Download Security Guide PDF

            PDF document security_guide_en_13_final.pdf (2.44 MB)

            Link 3  A Compendium of FileMaker's security features with useful notes and information
            What are some important things to consider, when building database access privileges?
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