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contact names not showing on list in Registration Database

Question asked by LisaL on Jan 31, 2011
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contact names not showing on list in Registration Database


Hi, I used the Registration Template to create my database.  I've noticed that, in the Events section, when I click on "New Registration," it does something weird.  I can choose from all of my contacts to register as many or few people as I want for an event, which is great.  But after I've chosen people, the only ones whose names and emails are VISIBLE on the Registrations list are the ones for whom I originally created New Records by inputting the info myself. But contacts who were originally IMPORTED from an Excel file don't have VISIBLE names on the Registrations list for the event for which I've registered them.  They HAVE been added to the list, which is clear b/c there's an "Attended" checkbox and a red "X" on the otherwise empty lines for those contacts--but their names are not visible.

Interestingly, in Contacts, if I DUPLICATE the record for someone who was imported from an Excel file, and then go into Events and click on "New Registration" and choose the DUPLICATE record, the name is VISIBLE on the Registrations list!  


Help, please!

Many thanks.