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Contact related to many records

Question asked by KennethHibberd on Jan 7, 2012
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Contact related to many records


I am sure this comes from lack of knowlege but that is why to ask you all.  I have a "projects" database.  In this database I have a few table, project, products, contacts.

Each project can have many products.

  Each Product can have many contacts

Each Project can have many contacts


I have a portal in the layouts that display these contacts which are realted.  My dillema is that it is possible for a contact to be responsible for supplying many different products on many different projects.  Currently when adding a contact, it is always adding a NEW contact, but what if that same contact already exists?  How can I simply select that contact and relate him to a new product or project?

If the contact already exists, I should be able to select that contact and autofill the fields for the related contact.

Sounds like a script to me, but wnat to make sure.