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    Contact's Notes and Note Preview Box



      Contact's Notes and Note Preview Box


      I have a contacts table which is related to a notes table by ID's of both tables (serial numbers).  Basically this allows me to record multiple notes for each contact.

      I have a layout related to the contacts table, which includes a portal of all the related notes.  What I would like to do is have a notes box so that when the user clicks on a note, the note box reflects the notes / text from that note entry from the Notes table.  This would replace the need to open another window to edit the note.

      Is this possible?

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          You shouldnt need a seperate field for this.

          You can change the size of the note edit box and the portal frame to allow a user see the whole note and to edit the note directly in the portal if you wish.

          You can also add scroll bars to the note edit box should the current note box be too small.


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            While I agree that I don't "need" a separate field for this, I would like one.  If I change the portal row height, I think the format will not be good.  My notes will range in size from 1 sentence to 4 paragraphs or more.  I would like the note field to be large enough that it's easy to read.  Also, the reason why I have a portal is that each note has a date, username (who created it), and subject.

            I think it would be nice to have a list of the notes and then a "view" of the current selected note below the portal or to the side of the portal.

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              In  that case Id use a Global field  set to the "selected" portal rows id then create another Table Occurance of the portals table (called something like Selected_Note) and relate the Portals table occurance to  the global field. Since this is a one to one relationship you can just place that related field on  the layout in whichever size you wish.


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                Now that is a good idea!  Thank you!