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Contacts Database Help

Question asked by DanHarris on Jan 11, 2015
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Contacts Database Help


I'm working to put together a contacts database for our business. Previously, we were using Daylite to manage our client and vendor contact info, but will be moving to Filemaker for this and other business needs.

I attempted to use the Contacts starter solution, but didn't care for it's organization.  I'd also like to develop this database from scratch to better learn Filemaker for our company's future system solution needs.

At this point I'm confused as to whether I need to create separate tables and link them into a relational database. Basically, I'm wanting this system to function like Daylite in that it sorts contacts into Organizations or People.  

For example: I might select Organizations and view just organization names, then I could select an organization and view all data and people related to this particular organization.  I then can select a person from this list and be shown this persons contact info. Or I could do the reverse and select a person from the People list and then select their organization and be taken to its data.

Also, I'd like to be able to "grab" an organization's data and automatically populate general info into a new contact as I create it (main address, phone & fax number, web address, etc).

Is it best to create this database as a single table, or would it be better to link an Organizations table (One) and a Contacts table (Many) in a relational database?

Hope I'm making sense here, thanks in advance for your assistance.