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    Contacts in Task Managment Template



      Contacts in Task Managment Template


      I'm using the Task Management Template but the contacts on the task page are assigned to the project so I wasnted to add a different field that would link to contact information in the contacts page for the person that requested the work.  I've tried this a bunch of different ways but it doesen't seem to let me add a contact field that isn't assigned to the task.  Please help.

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          Howdy km,


          From the way I understand your desire, you would add a field called "RequestorID" to the Projects table in the Task management template.


          You would then form a relationship between Projects::RequestorID [=] Contact Management::ContactID


          This will get a little more complicated than first glance since you'll want to then create a value list based on ContactManagement::ContactID showing values from ContactManagement::FullName so that you can select the person, but input the ContactID# into the field.


          Attach this value list to the "RequestorID" field on your Project layout as a dropdown list.  Doing this will make it easier to select the correct name, yet end up with the ID# in the field.  Once the ID# is in the RequestorID field, your data will then be linked.


          Let me know how you progress...(I hope I wasn't confusing...)