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    Contacts management



      Contacts management


      Hi ALL,


      I' am looking if there is a pre-built contacts managements program based on FileMaker where can insert the following data:


      Name , last name, street & number, town, zip code, home phone,  office phone, mobile phone, company name, and related address, VAT number, e-mail address and note field .


      I also need to print personalized letters (meant a circulat letter but addressed to each specific contacts, print each name & address on envelopes, or print name & address on labels,


      can send e-mail circular to each or choosed contacts, and final send SMS messages to same choosen list of persons ..


      Last but not least : can print a list of all contacts, with a choise of the database fields thyat are interesting for any reasons .


      Thanks in advance for any good suggestion on how I can get this result using File Maker , maybe using a pre-formatted solution.


      Best regards


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          There are a number of prebuilt solutions that come with FMP.  Have you looked through them?

          One is...well......"Contact Management" and does most or all of what you're looking for.


          They are listed as templates under the "New Database" dialog under "People and Assets" (in FMP8 anyway).  If they are turned off, there is a checkbox under preferences to turn them back on.

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            Hi Ninja,


            I thank you first for this kind answer to my previous question .


            I listed a long number of items and I would like to know if I can be sure to can get all of them working properly as I need .


            I saw what you mentioned and I found it nearly good for my neeeds but, for example, there are more fields of what I need and


            I'd like to know if I can cancel those not interesting for my needs without getting troubles with the remaining fields and the


            correct software performances during the usage.


            If one needs for example help from a tech guy that is able to built  FM contatcs management suite following specific needs, like in my case,

            to can send e-mails, or to export a list of contatcs to send SMS advice messages, is there someone that can help against payment for the work performed ?? 


            I do need a reliable database with no risk of loosing accounts details and so on .


            Thanks to let me know your opinion about





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              Howdy Alinghy,


              FMP is a database platform that presupposes you are willing to learn how to customize it for your needs.  There are many on this forum and other forums who will be willing to answer your questions as they arise, but I think we all would expect a basic level of learning and trying on your end.  We don't work for FMI and give support on these forums 'cause we want to help others and share ideas and techniques.

              A search through this forum (and other forums) will often lead you to the answer when someone else asked the same question(s).


              If indeed you do not need all of the fields in the tamplate, simply remove them from the layout (not from the database).  You won't see them anymore, but you will not have changed the function of the Dbase.


              I, personally, have not used the contact management template very much (total of about 15 minutes) so I do not know if it can do all of the things that you listed.  Have you explored it and seen what it can or cannot do?  If it is not already set up to do what you want, let us know what (specifically) you are trying to do and we can help to guide you through adding it on to the template to result in your own dbase customized to your needs.


              how does that sound?

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                Thanks so much  !


                Appreciate your suggestions .


                Take care