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Contacts management

Question asked by Alinghy on Mar 15, 2010
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Contacts management




I' am looking if there is a pre-built contacts managements program based on FileMaker where can insert the following data:


Name , last name, street & number, town, zip code, home phone,  office phone, mobile phone, company name, and related address, VAT number, e-mail address and note field .


I also need to print personalized letters (meant a circulat letter but addressed to each specific contacts, print each name & address on envelopes, or print name & address on labels,


can send e-mail circular to each or choosed contacts, and final send SMS messages to same choosen list of persons ..


Last but not least : can print a list of all contacts, with a choise of the database fields thyat are interesting for any reasons .


Thanks in advance for any good suggestion on how I can get this result using File Maker , maybe using a pre-formatted solution.


Best regards