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      I have upgrade my filemaker to Filemaker Pro 11 Developer and sience then all the field type as a container do not work I put the information I want into the container, but after I close the file and open it again the information it's not stored.Does anybody knows if filemaker changed something in this version 11 of filemaker???

      Normally the information stored in the containers was text.



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          Changed from what prior version?

          FileMaker 11 Advanced uses containers just like previous versions as far as I know.

          Exactly how do you "put the information I want into the container"? Is the container set to "store by reference" when you insert this file? If so, where are the actual files located? On another hard drive? Did the files get moved or deleted after you inserted them? If on a shared drive/directory, is this drive mounted when you re-open the file?

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            Is the file on a server?  

            If so, any data in all global fields will go away when you close the system.  In order for your system to retain data in global fileds, you must take it off the server, populate those global fields, then re-serve it.  Thereafter, the data in global fields will 'stick'.  Any changes made while the file is on the server will be in use for that one session only.

            - shudder

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              Good point! If the container field has global storage and it's a hosted file, that could explain the problem.

              There is, BTW, a way to make lasting changes to the contents of a global field while it is hosted by FileMaker Server. You can write a script that assigns values to the global fields. If you then use a server schedule to run the script, the changes to global field values will "stick" as it executes as though run from the "host" instead of a client instance.

              This is a trick I use when I put a new copy up on the server and then discover that a key global field value was changed by me during testing and needs to be put back to some other "default" value for the users.

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                ^^ I did a lazy fix the other day that's sorta like yours (only different)... I needed a g field in a served system, and I did not have the time to take it down.  So, I just made the field a normal field, input the data I needed, replaced contents throughout all records, then set the field to Auto-Enter = Value from last visited record.  I'm sure it will break...  but it's working fine for now.

                Erm, when do you suppose this will break Phil?...

                - shudder

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                  As long as no one had a record locked when you did the replace, can't think of a way that breaks it as long as you don't have to change the value to something else.

                  Usually, a global field in a shared DB is used to store user session specific data such as criteria used by a user in their last find or to filter a portal. Obviously, that's not the case here or you wouldn't even think to try this work around...

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                    Cool.  I often us g fields to store graphics that I will actuate via other methods within a system (changing background graphics or colors, etc. -- often via conditional formatting calls).  I'll create a calc Case stmt that uses the value of various g fields based on the outcome of the calculation to feed the final output of that field.  It's also apparent that Sr. Alfonso uses g fields to store permanent data, or I don't think he would have asked his initial question.

                    Sorry, Sr. Alfonso -- hope we're not too far afield of your original question...

                    Thanks, Phil.  Always good to come in and hear stuff from you.

                    - shudder