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Container / Word / Printing

Question asked by househark on Apr 29, 2010


Container / Word / Printing


Hi :)


I used to use word for storing large documents. these documents contain pictures.


I am know well into using filemaker and need to input these documents into my system.


I have made a container field and tried various methods of making this work.


I have just pasted the words and pictures which opens a word doc in my container and also tried inserting word object then pasting into that, seems to be the same effect.


2 problems I have.


1.  The container does not show the entire document, I have tried re-sizing container and also the word document boundries with in the container but it doesnt act as you would think it too, either the words expand or the word boundries dont move how i would like etc etc.


2.  When printing its a mess.  Maybe if i could get the word document boundries to fit better then I can improve this but i will still have the problem of file maker not knowing pade breaks...


Solutions?  Hopefully without complex scripts.



FMP Pro 11

Windows XP