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    Container and file path



      Container and file path



           I have a small problem with container fields. I am saving the files outside of Filemaker as PDF and it all worked well until I started to share the file with other users over a network.

           I had this path :  file:02-Proposal/$$filepath and it worked very well.

           Now I can't seem to make it work. Here's our setup:

           My computer name is : //MAIN-PC

           The main Filemaker file is on a main drive, called "Disque serveur (Z:)"

           The Filemaker file is in z:CT/FM System

           I tried //MAIN-PC/CT/FM System/02-Proposal/$$filepath

           But it does not work, even from my computer!

           Thanks for the help!









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               I'm surprised that


               actually worked.

               You might find some of the techniques in this filepath/Path variable/container field exploration file useful in diagnosing what is goind wrong: Exploring the use of a $Path Variable in Scripts

               But I'd guess that the filepath that works on your machine is not a valid filepath from a different machine. You need a valid path to a directory that is accessible via that same exact path on both machines.

               If you are using FileMaker 12, you might experiment with using external storage instead.

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             I thought I was actually using external containers. I'm usiung a Franch version (I don't know why... I prefered the english one) so sometimes I get confused with the translation. See image attached.
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                   External storage is a field option you select on the storage tab in FIeld Options. It's new to FileMaker 12. It does not use a file path at all as you insert files into the field without the "store a reference" option and FileMaker then transfers the file to a designated location on your network after you have inserted it. The fact that it does not use a filepath simplifies the ability of other clients to access the file.

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                  Can I use that with Save as PDF script step? Thanks
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                       Good morning Phil

                       I used the FilePathExtractor and I must say this is a useful tool!

                       Please see capture attached:

                       My problem is ... when I set this up with a D: , it saves fine on my computer which serves as the server... But when I do this, it won't work on the other computers. If I set it up as Z:, then it works on all computers...except mine!

                       Can you please help?

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                         You need to map a drive letter to the shared directory in identical fashion on all computers, yours as well as the others. Then you have a single common file path to use with all machines.