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Container and file path

Question asked by TimHorton on Apr 15, 2013
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Container and file path



     I have a small problem with container fields. I am saving the files outside of Filemaker as PDF and it all worked well until I started to share the file with other users over a network.

     I had this path :  file:02-Proposal/$$filepath and it worked very well.

     Now I can't seem to make it work. Here's our setup:

     My computer name is : //MAIN-PC

     The main Filemaker file is on a main drive, called "Disque serveur (Z:)"

     The Filemaker file is in z:CT/FM System

     I tried //MAIN-PC/CT/FM System/02-Proposal/$$filepath

     But it does not work, even from my computer!

     Thanks for the help!