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    Container behavior



      Container behavior


           On some containers, I have the ability to right-click and choose "open in preview" (im on a mac).  On others with seemingly the same settings, that option is not available.  It is very valuable to me. 

           Also, it would appear that rendering previews large enough to read (Letter sized PDFs) can freeze filemaker.  If I make the window size smaller, it does not happen but then I cannot read it in the container window and need to export it. 

           Thank you for your help in advance.

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               What versions of FMP and MacOS?

               I think some containers may have something  besides .pdf, .txt .jpg...... Preview may not open .snd or .mov.

               I am not sure what you mean by rendering...


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                 There are several options that will affect whether or not you can open the file in that manner:

                 The storage option (FileMaker 12 only). Fields with external storage do not permit this.

                 The layout field objects Optimization option in FileMaker 12 (selected on the data tab). This doesn't work if optimized for interactive content.

                 The insertion method and options. The file should be inserted with insert File and with "store a reference" enabled. (True for all versions)

                 With regards to reading the PDF's that sounds like something to report to Report an Issue. What version of FileMaker are you using? If version 12, did you use Insert PDF to insert the PDF file? Is the container field on that layout optimized for interactive content?

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                   I am using filemaker 12 with mountain lion completely with all updates installed on both programs.  I am storing all files in the FM data base.  No external storage.  

                   I am dragging and dropping into the containers.  The only difference between the one that works and the one that doesnt that I can see is that the the one that doesnt show the open in preview option is in a portal.  I moved the field out of the portal and it worked.  I still need it in the portal but at least I think i see the cause.

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                     OK. Interactive optimization doesn't work for containers in portals. My other comments do not apply to your right click question--they apply to double clicking the file (my mistake).

                     When you drag and drop into a FileMaker 12,  container field, this is the same as doing an Insert Picture without selecting "store a reference". Try using Insert PDF to get a better PDF image in your large format container fields.

                     Note that you can write a script that exports your files that you did drag and drop on to re-insert the file with the Insert PDF method. Just be sure to use a layout where the container field is not inside a portal.

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                       Inserting PDF... will allow multipage pdf documents using a Quicktime type movie controller to move through each page in FMP without Preview.

                       If you just want to see and not store the PDF you can Optimize for Images to see a clearer picture of the PDF image.


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                    Why is it that the container field should not be inside a portal? 


                    (I know this is an old thread, but I'm trying to research a solution here).



                    - Ronan

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                      A container field can be located inside a portal, as long as it is not formatted to be "optimized for interactive content". Interactive portals are really special use web viewers, not container fields and these cannot be placed inside a portal. Beyond that, you'd have to ask one of the programmers that developed this part of FileMaker.

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