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Container Export Script Alteration

Question asked by BrandonCox on Mar 26, 2015
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Container Export Script Alteration


Hi All,

I have for example 20 layouts each with 10 container fields(all containing images)

To open each container by a button i have a script setup (that i must admit to copying and mostly understand but not fully). 

I understand that it exports the picture to a temporary path, then opens it, then on closing it is deleted.


What i am trying to achieve is where the LayoutName is changed for 200+ scripts have the script determine the name from the layout it is on. (The 10 field names are identical so would not need changing). This way the 10 scripts i make would work for the 20 layouts. 


Is this possible, if so how? or any advice on a easier way to open the container fields would be very appreciated.


Allow User Abort [ Off ]
Set Error Capture [ On ]
Set Variable [ $path; Value:Get ( TemporaryPath ) ]
Set Variable [ $filename; Value:Middle ( GetAsText(Layout Name::Field) ; Position ( GetAsText(Layout Name::Field) ; "/" ; 1 ; PatternCount ( GetAsText(Layout Name::Field) ; "/" ) ) + 1 ; 1000 ) ]
Set Variable [ $final_path; Value:$path & $filename ]
Export Field Contents [ Layout Name::Field; “$final_path”; Automatically open ]