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Container Export to Desktop

Question asked by morganbleak on Mar 1, 2014
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Container Export to Desktop


     1. I am trying to figure out the syntax for exporting a container's DMG file to the "desktop" for reinstalling an application.  I can copy and paste it manually but I want a script that will get it to the desktop.  I don't know if the desktop is a directory or what. Is it "$Desktop"?  When I try this I look for the file and don't see it.  


     2. The DMG files can be quite large so I am trying to have them stored either Secure Storage or Open Storage.  I am trying both and haven't been successful with the script. I also look for some indication that the file is actually there in the locations. I don't see them, so I am assuming I am in error.

     The Secure storage is straight forward but I might be in error with my understanding of the syntax for exporting to another "drive" based on what I have read from the FM Knowledge Base, i.e.:  Drive B:\DMG Install Files\Software Files/  Meaning: my drive:\(Directory Name)\(File Name)/(File Name).   (Not totally sure about the slanting line directions).  But what is the Desktop known as?

     3. If I store the files outside of the DB will a script still do a normal export to the desktop or to another file location for reinstallation of the application (DMG file)?