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    Container field - Adobe acrobat/reader problem



      Container field - Adobe acrobat/reader problem


           Hello and thanks for looking.


           Has anybody figured out a solution to this (seemingly) common problem? 

           My Filmaker Pro Advanced 12 DB has sporadic issues where acrobat/reader crashes when viewing or dropping a pdf into a container field, displaying the attached error.

           Sometimes, Filemaker will crash as well. I've had the same problem with recovered versions of the file, older, pre-crash back-ups of the file, as well as tried a suggested exercise in shutting down all non-microsoft services. Unfortunately, the problem persists. 

           Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!




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               On what OS?

               What version of Acrobat Reader?

               The error message suggests a problem may exist with Acrobat Reader. Have you tried updating or re-installing it?

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                 I've seen this error (523:523) instead of (507:507).  I don't think it is the Reader.  I'm using Window 7, Acrobat 11.0.3.  This problem showed up in an database that I download from this forum.  I don't know how the PDFs were created.  This user posted question about his database. http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/ae5a51f3c9?page=2 .  On that user database, there is a calories menu then you can select day 30, 60, 90 and then a PDF will display.   I was testing to see that I could view the PDF and after viewing 7 or 8 PDFs the error occured.  This user shows the PDF in a window and then has a button to close window. 

                 Joseph can you give more details / steps that occurs when the error display for you.   The error will have to be replicated to determine if this is a bug. 

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                   Windows 7, FMPA 12.0v4, Acrobat X Pro 10.1.7

                   Have reinstalled, updated Acrobat to no avail. 

                   Here's the skinny:

                   Table "Projects" has a one-to-many relationship with table "Document Library". Document Library is little more than a container field and some identifying parameters. It's just a place to stash and view PDF's that display as thumbnails in a portal on the Projects layout. Records are created in the Document Library via a script triggered by a button on the Projects layout. It opens the Document Library layout in a new window, adds a new record, and sets the foreign key field for some look-ups. The user then just drops the PDF in the container and closes the window. The new PDF thumbnail now appears in the portal on the Projects layout. 

                   The portal container field on the projects layout is formatted as a button that opens the related record/PDF in a new window, Document Library layout.

                   Error occurs at those two points: When dropping a new PDF into the container, or viewing a record in the Document Library layout that already has a PDF in the container (regardless of how you navigate to the record, so I doubt it's my script). 

                   PDF files are typically created by conversion from a Word doc or conversion from Outlook. There seems to be no correlation between file origin and the error. 

                   S Chamblee: I'm not sure if the 523:523 error is related, but the interval at and context in which it occurs for you is similar to what I'm experiencing. 



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                     Is the container field optimized for interactive content?

                     Drag and drop produces the same result as Insert Picture with the "store a reference" option unselected.

                     As a test, try using either insert file (If field is not optimized for interactive content) or insert PDF (if it is) and see if you get a different result.

                     And please keep in mind that fields cannot be optimized for interactive content if they are located inside a portal...

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                       Container field is optimized for interactive content.

                       Used insert PDF to bring about 12 PDF's in, was working, but just now the same thing is happening except the error displays (19:19) instead of (507:507).

                       Not talking about the portal field on the Projects layout. Portal field is just to list the thumbnails and filenames, and serve as a nav button.  The context here is the container field on the Document Library layout. 


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                         Just for giggles,

                         I made a new table and layout with a container field formatted just like the one discussed thus far. Tried "insert pdf" and just drag and drop, gets the same error. Now i will restart filemaker and it will work for a little while...


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                           That's a good test to do as it rules out possible file damage issues in your original file. I suggest posting an Issue Report in Report an Issue, maybe the TS techs can pull up something relevant about this from their tech support database.

                           When you fill out the issue report, you can refer to this thread to save some time in describing the issue and to help avoid having the TS people take you through things already tried.