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Container field access - privilege set

Question asked by on Aug 5, 2015
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Container field access - privilege set



I have a privilige set I am currently testing with some custom access to certain records.

One of my tables has a container field Qualifications::File.

A full access account can view the field and right click to get a menu that includes (cut, copy...export field contents... etc.).

My new privilege set has no defined limitations for any record or field in this table (all view, edit, create, access all fields). 

When I am logged into a test account with the new privilege set I cannot right click and access the control menu for the container field in this table even though I have specifically placed no limitations on the Privilege set for this table. I checked the option for specifying specific fields (field access) and ensured that the container field was selected for 'modifiable' for the privilege set.